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Dating APPs for FB and UAC traffic

Dating apps for facebook and UAC traffic

Hey everyone!
What you’ve all been waiting for🥁
Today Team Lead of the IMI Performance team will share with you one of the working funnels and its results (which surprised even us)!

After a successful case study from our media-buy team on IMI Dating APPs, especially for our partners we launched a campaign for UAC traffic and FB APPs with exclusive conditions.

A little backstory:
The case with apps for Dating is a long familiar funnel for everyone. In 2020 we managed to scale it on IMI Smartlink and partners’ revenue then reached $10K daily. But they faced with massive bans, price increases and other issues.
During 2021, we were trying to bring back the results and in some months, partner revenue had reached $90K, but it was impossible to retain it.

Already in June 2023, our in-house media-buy team actively worked on growing Dating traffic from apps, which was the first signal about the return of IMI Dating APPs.
At this point, the media-buy team has already got over $300K per month, so we want to share our experience with our partners!

Here are the results of our media-buy team:
Germany (Launched on 07/17/2023). During the first week, traffic hits a pool of offers, average rate $3.7 – $4.1, EPV in the range of $0.45 – $0.6.

From 24.07 advertisers start competing for traffic and raise payouts by 67% on average, EPV goes up to $0.94

Dating apps

Since 31.07 after optimization, traffic segmentation and work with non-unique users, EPV has been increased by 25% additionally.
On 05.08 another round of uplift from advertisers took place, the average rate reached $7.4, EPV – $1.35, EPC – $1.93.

UAC traffic

Based on the statistics, in 3 weeks we managed to increase the starting result exactly 3 times and this is not the limit, as advertisers are sending positive feedback on the quality of traffic.

Geo Germany was not the only successful launch, we also tested France, Poland, Italy, Spain, United States, Portugal, Austria, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Korea (South). Below you can see the overall results with average rates and EPV/EPC.

Dating application

For the 20th of August, we have over 30 new launches on our platform and a large queue of partners wishing to get the App.

As a result of the 1 month our buyers have reached 55% of ROI for Germany including test budgets. At this moment we are reaching ROI above the previous value.

As you can see from the statistics, funnel with IMI Dating APPs really works and shows results. The only thing you need is to come to the manager, get the app and run your traffic😉

Come to iMonetizeIt and we’ll share the experience with you! And additionally you’ll get:

✔ payouts 3 times a week;
✔ 5% cashback;
✔ our own APPs (from $500 daly = individual apps).
The time of the campaign is limited!

Any questions about Geo and funnels?
For more detailed statistics you can ask your manager.

High profit to you, guys!