Dating vertical

iMonetizeIt is a dating affiliate network that puts publishers in touch with affiliate programs that advertise offers.

This vertical is one of the affiliate marketing niches that always attracts audience attention and has good potential to generate revenue for publishers.


Nowadays, people are used to making dates on special sites, so the popularity of Dating apps in the current affiliate ecosystem is extremely high. Since the original Dating is generally recognized as a “green vertical,” its popularity is likely to increase.

iMonetizeIt’s dating affiliate program provides you with a wide range of verticals, Smartlinks, GEOs, offers, and excellent payouts as a reliable partner.

Accordingly, iMonetizeIt only works with the quality products of leading brands on 100% profitable conditions.

Why should you choose Dating Smartlink?

IMI Dating Affiliate Network is a great way to earn bonuses by funneling users to IMI Dating Smartlink through banners or links placed on your site.

You have access to many offers and exclusives as well as special conditioned and pre-tested funnels
Unique Smart distribution systems from iMonetizeit are your perfect traffic monetization. They save you time and redirect traffic from different sources, even those that are the most difficult to test
Smart algorithms pick up the most relevant offers

Highlights for work with Dating:

Pay attention to the quality of leads, not their quantity
The visual part of the campaign is very important; attractive creatives will help you get more traffic
Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries are better for beginners (Latin America, Asia, and Africa are good for testing)

Join IMI dating affiliate program and start earning money with a progressive vertical!

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