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$6385 profit on Facebook APPs and XGames offer for 1 month

XGames and facebook apps tutorial

*The case is based on a campaign launched by iMonetizeIt media buying team

Affiliate Network: iMonetizeIt
Offer: WEB WAP Harley Quinn Se*adventures Jackpot multigeo (with statuses)
Period: Aug 01 – Sep 01
Source: Facebook APPs
Revenue: $16215
Profit: $6385
Costs: $9830
ROI: 64.95%

The success of this campaign with ROI 55% inspired us to run new tests! Thatโ€™s why we decided to test the idea and compare the results on XGames vertical with other verticals.

Without thinking much about the offer, we took exclusive Harley-Quinn. The superhero theme + juicy Harley + interactive pre-landing is what you need for a good boost and of course, this offer will be exclusive and unique in the market!

As mentioned above, we didn’t create smth new and simply took a proven funnel from previous cases in Gambling/Dating and directed traffic to the offer.


We started with tests of the Spanish Geo. Then scaled the campaign to France. After that, we added the USA and Britain.

How does the app work and where did we get it? 

For 2 years, iMonetizeIt has been developing its own Android applications for Dating, XGames, iGaming verticals, which we provide to every partner.

That’s why we didn’t use third-party services and immediately worked with our apps, which were already customized for social networks (this feature helps to facilitate approval on Facebook). IMI apps have special algorithms that increase EPC and provide really effective performance. As a result, IMI APPs:

  • provide the best result in performance, as they have traffic monetization logic;
  • links are integrated directly into the app, eliminating traffic loss and additional redirects;
  • time and cost savings on renting apps (for example, according to the Google data, an average monthly subscription costs $700 + additional fees for replacements from $150). You’ll save $1000 per month working with IMI ๐Ÿ˜‰

Screenshots from the app

screen apps fb

Screenshot 1 – Inside view

When users download the app, they are directed to the relevant offer. While moderators who are checking the app see the replacement screen (Screenshot 2).

screen replacement

Screenshot 2 – Replacement screen


Our media-buying team bought traffic on Facebook.
Traffic passes through a webview app where the Harley-Quinn offer opens (with an exclusive landing).
Important feature:  publishers get conversion for a user who simply attaches a credit card (even with zero balance).

Analyzing the offer efficiency indicators, we have a very high reg2sale and install2reg:

FR – 7,20%
ES – 4,16%
UK – 8,13%
US – 3,81%

FR – 1:1,5
UK – 1:2
US – 1:8
ES – 1:4

In general, we tried to maintain a comfortable funnel for a user so that each subsequent step logically follows the previous one;

Set up a Facebook campaign 

You need to create a campaign, choose the goal “App installs” – “App advertising”. Then, set targeting settings: at least 25+ years old, male gender. Now configure the OS version, a minimum of Android 8.

Next, launch the ad on all placements (except stories).

The app doesn’t require additional warm-ups because we use regular paid advertising. There are no payments for registrations, only attaching a card. Also we send publishers the registration event just to inform them how many people registered from their traffic.

Regarding push notifications in the app, they return users who didn’t make a sale and encourage them to make a purchase.

Examples of creatives

screen creatives xgames

creo xgames fb

creatives facebook xgames

Example of an exclusive landing page

xgames prelanding

xgames facebook offers landing


Results of our media-buying team:

France and the UK showed top results in traffic performance. In total, weโ€™ve got 426 conversions, with an average EPC of $0,95. However, the US has a weak performance in this case, only 23 conversions.

statistics tutorial

Costs: we spent approximately $9830.

But eventually, we received $16215.88 considering additional monetization on iMonetizeIt funnels.

A checklist of what the publisher gets by sending traffic to IMI: 

  • a free app for XGames, in which everything is already included;
  • creative templates;
  • ready-made pre-landings with gamification;
  • support during launch based on insights from our media-buying team.

And that’s it! As you can see, no difficulties, intricacies, or extra costs! ๐Ÿ”


  1. You can work with XGames using a well-known setup similar to Dating and Gambling.
  2. Tier-1 geos work great.
  3. Time and expenses saved on renting applications.

As you can see from this tutorial, our media-buying team managed to achieve a net profit of $6385 and a ROI of 64.95%, and so can you! The combination with XGames offer and Facebook APPs fully justified all expectations and costs, so we’re not saying goodbye!

Stay tuned for new tests ๐Ÿ’š